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Strength and Conditioning Coach

Carolina University seeks a professionally licensed, certified, and experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach to lead weight room activities and design and develop new programs to enhance the 12 intercollegiate teams (180 athletes).


The Strength and Conditioning Coach provides proper supervision of the weight room and carrying out the design for the conditioning and training of athletes. Assisting with the development of exercise routines and nutritional intake, exercise supervision, tracking athlete progress, and adjusting exercise plans accordingly, the Strength and Conditioning Coach both supervises and implements full-scale fitness programs coordinated with the head coaches for each sport at the university.  The Strength and Conditioning Coach reports directly to the Associate Director of Athletics.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design Training Programs: The Strength and Conditioning Coach will works with the head coaches, under the supervision of the Associate AD, to design training programs that revolve around strength, conditioning, and weight training geared toward specific sports. They must account for procedures and regulations that provide safety and monitoring of the weight room programs not just to maximize athlete performance but also to minimize injury.
  • Evaluate Athletes: The Strength and Conditioning Coach must observe training, practice, and performance and use their observations in conjunction with consultation with each sports coach and the Associate Director to advance the wellness of each athlete. Monitoring injuries and closely watching for athletic liability incidences is a critical part of this daily staffed position. Close communication with the coaches and the Associate Director of Athletics is essential to provide effective and proficient weight room best practices.
  • Maintain Athlete Records: The Strength and Conditioning Coach must maintain detailed, accurate, and updated records of usage and incidents in the weight room as they might occur. Communication of this information with coaches and the Associate AD is essential for documentation purposes. This position also uses documentation to assess training programs for effectiveness.
  • Administer Tests:  In order to properly individualize training programs and evaluate athletes, the Strength and Conditioning Coach, under the supervision of the Associate AD, performs baseline tests to assess the skills and weaknesses of each individual athlete. At the request of the coaches or the Associate AD, this position supervises individual or team workouts and provides the staff monitoring essential to an efficient training program.
  • This position will partner with the Athletic Trainer for wellness and best practices in the field of strength and conditioning.
  • Essential to the success of this position is relationships and open communication with each coach, high visibility on campus, and the desire to build competitive programs.


The Strength and Conditioning Coach needs to have appropriate credentials and certifications, close personal relationships and trust with the coaches and athletes, current with best practices with strength, conditioning, and athletic training, and proven skills and firsthand experience with athlete development and weight room techniques. The Coach is a leader and should exemplify excellent communication skills and possess the ability to be assertive and make decisions. CU athletes and staff are the only persons permitted access to the weight room. This coach position is responsible for making sure strangers are not in the weight room. Staying close with the Athletic Trainer and the Associate Director for Athletics will be an important characteristic for this position. To successfully manage athletes and their training, the Strength and Conditioning Coach must be detail-oriented, organized, and proficient at managing several athletes working at several stations. The Coach must demonstrate expertise in strength and conditioning, possess first aid certification, and have experience in fitness and training. This position could expand the current training facility and build a team for support and assistance.

This is a full-time (10 month) position that comes with standard university staff benefits

Minimum qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in an appropriate discipline, 3-5 years of hands-on experience with strength and conditioning, proper certifications and approvals, proven maturity and ability to work independently as a single entity in the weight room, desire to be part of a growing division of intercollegiate athletics.

Preferred qualifications: 5 years of collegiate weight room experience with advanced certifications and proven success in an intercollegiate environment.

Salary Range: $35,000-$45,000  Start Date: August 1, 2020, *Pending return of student/athletes and approval of the administration for health and safety*

Send a cover letter addressing the position, a resume, and 5 references (1 supervisor) to:

Shealynn Miller, Assistant to the Chancellor for Athletics and Development


Position open until filled.