Investing In Your Future

Choosing a university is an important decision and a significant investment into your future. It is important to consider an institution that offers the educational experience you require to accomplish your goals combined with clear information regarding affordability, methods of repayment and future debt. The US Census Bureau has shown that a college education will pay for itself with future earnings. However, today's economic conditions compel students and their families to explore options that don't leave you saddled with incredible debt requiring a lifetime of payments. 

Each year the university awards approximately 1.9 million dollars in tuition grants and scholarships to its student body and over 96% of our students receive some form of financial aid or assistance.

Important Dates

October 1st

FAFSA opens for Fall 2020 semester — complete this as soon as possible

March 1st

Complete the Scholarship Application to be eligible for PIU scholarships

July 25th

Financial Aid Documents and Payment Plans due for Fall 2020 semester

Net Price Calculator

We believe in offering an exceptional education at an affordable price point and we understand that price plays a major factor in your college decision. Our Net Price Calculator provides you with an estimate of what your tuition would be after receiving Federal and institutional financial assistance.

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TTU Perkins Loans

As part of the merger between Tennessee Temple University and Piedmont International University, the Temple Perkins Portfolio was liquidated.

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