Graduate Tuition & Fees (2020-2021)

Typical Program Costs

MA in Ministry

Based on one course each semester.

  • Annual tuition: $891
  • Annual fees: $30


Based on fall/spring full-time enrollment.

  • Annual tuition: $8,910
  • Annual fees: $400
  • R&B for academic year: $9,600

All Other Graduate Programs

Based on fall/spring full-time enrollment.

  • Annual tuition: $7,110
  • Annual fees: $400

Graduate Programs

Item Cost
Tuition - MA Ministry Program (per credit hour - not eligible for institutional aid) $99
Tuition - Master of Business Administration Program (per credit hour) $495
Tuition - All Other Masters Programs (per credit hour) $395
Registration Fee (per semester except for MA Ministry) $200
Graduation Fee (does not include cost of regalia) $120
Room for Module (per week, as available) $120
MA / MABS Written Comprehensives (as required) $240
Course Challenge Fee $60

Seminary students are encouraged to purchase Logos.

Doctoral Programs

Item Cost
Tuition - Ph.D. Leadership (per credit hour) $570
Tuition - Ph.D. Biblical Studies (per credit hour) $475
Tuition - D.Min. Courses (per credit hour) $375
Registration Fee (per semester) $200
Enrollment Deposit (one-time, 50% credited toward first semester of tuition) $200
Graduation Fee (includes premium doctoral regalia) $390
Residency Fee (Leadership program only, includes room and board) $795
D.Min. Project Oral Defense $150
Ph.D. Language Proficiency Examination (per exam) $60
Ph.D. Written Comprehensive Examination $240
Ph.D. Oral Comprehensive Examination $120
Ph.D. Dissertation Oral Defense $120


Item Cost
Grad Enrichment $125
Alumni Grad Enrichment $75
PhD Enrichment $175
 Alumni PhD Enrichment $100