Student Employment

Students of Carolina University are expected to apply themselves conscientiously to their studies and limit employment accordingly. Employment is widely available in the immediate surrounding area and on campus. Students are encouraged to work part‐time on campus while in school in one of the many jobs.

The following must be in place before students can be employed by the university:

  1. The student must be admitted and have a workable class schedule in place.
  2. An application must be on file with the respective department of employment as well as with the Business Office. Apply using the link Application link below.
  3. The student must be 18 years of age. Anyone under 18 must obtain a Youth Employment Certificate from the NC Department of Labor.
  4. Upon the agreement to hire and the proposed employee’s acceptance of the position, the employee must be directed to the Business Office to complete all tax forms and required legal documentation. Important – these Federal Employment Eligibility Verification requirements along with proper identification (according to Federal I-9 specifications*) must be met prior to the employee’s actual start date. The completion of this process will determine the employee’s employment eligibility.
  5. All payroll is submitted through Direct Deposit; therefore, a voided check is required.
  6. The Department supervisor must have submitted an interview form to the Payroll Administrator prior to the actual start date.

*Two forms of acceptable identification are required (must be “originals” – not copies or faxes). Examples: valid driver’s license, birth certificate, US passport, social security card.

The university employs students in several areas on campus. Many of the jobs available will be dependent on the student’s course schedule. Students should contact the Department Head or Supervisor to request information about employment, submit an application, and set up an interview.