Do you need a computer for on campus or online classes?

You can now purchase business grade laptops with 2 years of full manufacture support while attending Piedmont International University.

To access this program simply email to have your login created. We present you 4 bundles that can support any student’s needs from simple usage to heavy demanding work. Your computers comes with a 1 year antivirus, 2 year onsite warranty and carrying case. We provide 4 business grade computers that are designed to last years under everyday use. A 2-year onsite warranty is also included. If your machine does go down a technician comes directly to you. No shipping it off or bringing it to a repair center. We want to ensure you have a little down time as possible.

Once you email an account will be set up in your name. Simply log in and select one of the 4 bundles listed on the left and add all items to the cart. Once you begin the checkout process select you will be asked to acknowledge you are using financial aid or no you will be using a credit card.

If you live on campus we would recommend having it shipped to the preloaded address If you are an online student please enter in a preferred shipping address of your choosing. Once the order is placed we will briefly review your order and we may reach out to you if you are using financial aid.

If you have any questions please email

Staples Login

Pricing Valid only on order shipped to an address within the contiguous United States and Washington D.C.